A day in a life of a journalist.

On the second of March I had the greatest privilege of doing a face to face interview  with Buhle Mbonambi. Mbonambi(29) from Richards bay Kwazulu Natal, South Africa is one of the greatest Journalists in the industry. As an Arts and lifestyle Journalist  he works at Independent Media in Durban, South Africa. Born a writer his very first experience in writing was in high school on the tenth grade. He was appointed by his group members to be the editor of the school magazine, that was when he got to improve his writing as a young learner and he got exposed. When asked why he studied Journalism he said, “Journalism for me was to express myself , and to become a great writer, and everything else for me followed after I realized that I want to be a writer.” He told me that Journalism is stressful and it requires a lot of time, therefore you must train yourself and be the baddest in the game. Mbonambi is not only interested in writing but he also enjoys baking during his free time. He is also a family man, it is known that as a journalist you have  limited time to yourself but regardless, he still makes time to check up on his loved one. he mentioned his mother and grandmother. he has to check up on them daily, “its a deal.”

Mbonambi has achieved a lot in life, he still feels as if he hasn’t done much but also appreciates god for being good and will continue to deal with success.



I am Mbalenhle Angel Ngobese a Journalism student at Rosebank college in Durban campus. I’m a dilligent indiviIMG-20170208-WA0015dual who is always eager to seek new responsibilities and learn from others in order to gain the most from tasks/ challenges. I have a passion for writing, editing, public speaking.

Mbalenhle Angel is also Honest, creative, ambitious, self-driven, did I mention noteable, yes! Noteable. You will notice me as I will be here for a very long time.

My blog name ‘Saenhle. Beautiful SA. That’s how I still see my country, regardless.

I created this account with a purpose and will surely mantain this blog for years & which I hope to keep updated for as long as I breathe.